On the Road Program

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From Downtown to Atwater Village to the Westside and Palm Springs, we’ve been on the road for almost a year now traversing the diverse typologies of Los Angeles; situating the contemporary architecture, art, and design programs within the cultural fabric of the city. Our fifth and final event, climbing to the top of Mt. Lee in the Hollywood Hills, will conclude our yearlong journey. The Hollywood Sign is a landmark and cultural icon positioned atop of one of the most recognizable hillsides in the world. While the city is often portrayed for its horizontality, it is the hills that give LA its unique three-dimensional quality, hillsides whose constraints and potentials have and continue to be a source of inspiration and invention for architects and artists alike. They are sites of tension and play! From Pierre Koenig’s iconic Stahl House/Case Study House 22 to Ed Ruscha’s famed painting The Back of Hollywood, 1977, the sign and accompanying vistas have significantly impacted the cultural and artistic landscape of Los Angeles.

On the Road’s fifth program will address this hillside and the city’s iconic sign from various points of view — front, back, side, partial and oblique — and engage with its varying scale from different positions along the route. No hillside in LA drives imagination and captures desire more. With its strong historical lineage and immediate adjacency to the city, the valley, and the wilderness of Griffith Park, the site will be the starting point for a set of new works designed and developed by a group of emerging practitioners. Six projects, diverse in concept and approach, will be implemented over the course of the day on the way up to Mt. Lee Drive and the backside of The Hollywood Sign.

Participants include Corey Fogel, Nicholas Hanna, Narineh Mirzaeian, Guvenc Ozel, MÁS, and Elly Ward/Ordinary Architecture.

Artists Bryne Rasmussen-Smith, Jaime Kowal, and Maya Santos of FORM follows FUNCTION will capture and ultimately tell the story of the day’s activities through photographs and video projects



1. A yearlong series of architecture, art, and design programs intended to frame a moment in time within the contemporary context of the city of Los Angeles. Each program will take place at a distinct venue throughout the city.

2. A vehicle for advancing the positions of young architects, artists, and designers, and at times blurring their distinctions and encouraging them to carpool.

3. An extension of the rich history of experimentation in Los Angeles for artists and architects alike, with a focus on exploiting potentialities within current lines of investigation and processes.

4. A platform for new ways of thinking and making in Los Angeles that engages both a discipline and culture with contemporary ideas about architecture, design, and art.

5. A movement in direction with a conversive group of colleagues; acknowledging that there are shared interests and overlaps, but also distinct personalities and pursuits. The series is invested in dialogues.

While history does not authorize the work, nor do we intend to live in the past, On the Road acknowledges Thom Mayne’s series of 10 exhibitions at “Architecture Gallery” in 1979, The Charlottesville Tapes conference and the founding of Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York in 1982, as important and influencing projects that have propelled us to want to go On the Road.

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